Roll Around Travel Dog Carrier Backpack 4-in-1


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*FOR THE GO-EVERYWHERE PET.?It?s a backpack. It?s a rolling carrier. It?s a carry-on. It?s a car seat. It?s the Swiss Army Knife of pet carriers! Our sturdy 4-in-1 Roll Around easily and simply converts from one type of pet carrier to the other for maximum versatility and convenience. Designed to take small dogs, cats, and other pets up to 30 pounds with you on planes, trains, automobiles, subways, and more, it?s simply one of the best pet carriers around!

Note:?Before flying, always check with your airline to ensure your pet carrier meets the airline?s travel requirements. This is especially important for the Large size, but please compare both sizes to your intended airline?s requirements before purchasing!

*FOR DAILY LIFE, TOO.?Besides being perfect for travel, the Roll Around is also great for keeping pets safe on the way to the vet, while you?re running errands, hiking tough trails, walking in high-traffic areas, dining outdoors, and so on. Once you have the Roll Around, you?ll find so many uses for it that you?ll never want to leave your pet at home again!

*MORE TRAVEL, LESS STRESS.?Travel can be stressful for our cats and dogs, but our Roll Around carrier can help reduce anxiety. With strong yet lightweight mesh on three sides and a front flap that can be rolled down, your pet can see what?s going on while still feeling snug and secure in the padded and comfy carrier. So you can enjoy your travels more with a calmer, happier dog.

Snoozer Roll Around Pet Carrier Instructions



Dog Backpack
Push the center release button to lower the telescopic handle. Remove the backpack straps from the rear storage pocket. Adjust the padded straps so the backpack is comfortable to wear.Snoozer Khaki Roll Around Carrier Pet Bed
Pet Bed
Your Roll Around can also be used as bed. Simply unzip the top and bottom mesh panels and secure them to the center support. Lay the unit on its back.

Rolling Dog Carrier
Unzip the bottom or top mesh panel to place your pet inside. If needed, a safety hook is located inside the carrier. Clip the safety hook to your pet?s harness or collar. Push on the center release button to fully extend the telescoping handle. Tuck the backpack straps into the rear storage pocket when wheeling your pet in the wheeled carrier.

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