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Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Pet Partners’ section (B2B / Wholesale) – Terms and Conditions

Please be informed that access to the Pet Partners’ section (B2B / Wholesale) of our portal is granted exclusively to our fully Registered Wholesale Partners. In order to ensure compliance with necessary legal requirements, our Finance and Administration Department may contact you to obtain any missing information or legal documents relating to the B2B / Wholesale Partners. The term “Partners” is limited to the purpose and extent to which it is meant as far as the usage of this website is concerned and does Not constitute any other kind of Partnership or Relationship between us and the Wholesale Partners.

Payment options will be determined based on our Finance Agreement as per the Terms and Conditions that shall be stipulated by our Finance and Administration and thereby mutually agreed upon. We kindly request your understanding that we will withhold the Deliveries of any New Orders until all Outstanding Payments that are “overdue” are cleared. This measure is in place in order to maintain proper financial management and ensure the smooth and timely processing of Orders.

Free Delivery Threshold: Orders totaling BHD. 150/- and above (of Basic Value, prior to applying the VAT i.e., Value Added Tax and Other Costs if any) qualify for free delivery.

Wholesalers’ Self-Collection of Small Orders from Our Warehouse: Orders below the Basic Value of BHD. 150/- may be collected by the Wholesaler directly from our Warehouse After a gap of One Working Day. Alternatively, we can consider delivering such Orders to the Wholesaler’s premises, subject to additional Fee that will be chargeable towards the Delivery Service.

Order Quantities: Wholesalers’ Orders that comprise smaller quantities than the stipulated Minimum Order Quantity (varies Item-wise) shall Not be treated as a valid Order. In case of a special request received sometimes from a Wholesaler based on any valid reason that adequately justifies the smaller quantities of Individual Items in a Wholesaler’s Particular Order, such requests will require prior Special Approval of our Finance Department before formal acceptance of the Order. However, for the Delivery of such Orders if and once approved by our Finance Department, the Wholesaler shall arrange to collect the same from our Warehouse, unless the Wholesaler agrees to pay additional Fee towards the Delivery Service.

Delivery Time: We strive to prepare and deliver your order in a prompt and efficient manner. Our goal is to have your order delivered in 1 to 2 Working Days from the Date of formal Order Confirmation. However, please note that the Delivery period may vary due to unforeseen circumstances or factors beyond our control.

While we make every effort to ensure timely delivery, we cannot guarantee exact delivery dates or times. External factors such as traffic / road conditions, weather conditions, logistical challenges, unforeseen circumstances, holidays, and force majeure events may impact our delivery schedule.

Purchase Request Draft: The Online system generates a Purchase Request Draft, which serves as a preliminary document and does not constitute a binding Contract or a legitimate Order. Our dedicated Sales / Support Team will thoroughly review your order and subsequently provide an updated Official Sales Quotation, specifying the available Quantities and the Expiry Dates of the available Products. It is imperative that the Wholesale Client carefully reviews this Official Sales Quotation and confirms vide their formal Purchase Order with our Sales Department before we commence processing of the Order. Please note that we retain the right to remove any items due to any reason whatsoever, and we do Not guarantee the availability of All Items as the Stock levels may vary between the time of the Online Queries and the Actual Order Processing Date.

Delivery Note and Signature: Wholesale customers are required to thoroughly review the Delivery Note and provide a Signed copy to the Driver (or our Warehouse In-charge in case of items picked by the Wholesaler from our Warehouse) upon receipt of the Items included in the Order / Delivery Note. Any discrepancies or concerns pertaining to the Items / Quantities / Expiry Dates etc., must be addressed at the time of the Delivery check-up. Please be advised that any discrepancies whatsoever observed “After” the Delivery process shall Not be accepted under any circumstances.

Returns and Valid Reasons: Returns will only be considered if initiated within a Maximum of Three (3) Calendar Days from the Date of Delivery (or Pick-up, as the case may be), and shall be based only on valid and acceptable reasons. Subsequently, no returns for any reasons whatsoever shall be accepted beyond this specified timeframe.

We greatly appreciate your attention to these important Terms and Conditions, which serves as the basis for a formal and legally binding Agreement between us.

Please note that all Financial Transactions and Agreements are subject to the applicable Laws and the prevailing Rules and Regulations. We strive to adhere to Legal requirements and maintain transparency in our business practices. Should you have any questions or require any further clarifications regarding our Finance-related policies, please do not hesitate to contact our Finance Department.

We appreciate your co-operation and understanding in complying with the necessary legal procedures and obligations.

For any additional information or inquiries, please direct your correspondence to our Wholesale Team at