Doggy Day Bed


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*EXCELLENT FOR OLDER DOGS. Older dogs, smaller dogs, and dogs with arthritis or joint issues sometimes struggle to get in and out of tall beds. Our dog day bed has a low profile, which means it?s easy for dogs with mobility issues to get in and out of safely and stress-free.

*SNUG SUPPORT AND SECURITY. Our dog day bed features bolsters on three sides, which means your dog can get comfy by snuggling up against the sides and into corners for an extra feeling of security.

*GO-ANYWHERE CONVENIENCE. Lightweight and portable, our dog day bed is easy to move from room to room, which means your dog has a comfy place to snooze by your side no matter where you go in the house.

*LONG-LASTING FOR EVERYDAY LIFE. Spills, slobber, dirt, grime ? whatever it is, our LiveSmart fabric is designed to stand up to it! Our odor resistant dog beds are made with state-of-the-art stain-resistant, water-resistant, and breathable LiveSmart fabric, which means it will stay smelling fresh and looking good for longer in between washes. And you won?t have to replace your dog?s bed so frequently, either!

*STYLE AND COMFORT. Who says a dog bed has to be unattractive? With our strong and stylish LiveSmart fabric, your dog?s bed will look great no matter what room of the house it?s in, so you don?t have to choose between form and function.

*EASY TO CLEAN. Our removable LiveSmart fabric cover is a breeze to keep clean ? simply machine wash cold and dry on low. The zipper makes it a cinch to take the cover off and put it back on, too. It?s never been easier to keep your dog?s bed clean for safe, healthy sleep.


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