Pet Munchies Treats Bundle #1

  • Bundle consist of 3 Pet Munchies Treats
    Chicken Chips Dog Treats 100g.
    Duck Breast Fillets Dog Treats 80g.
    Chicken Stix Dog Treats 50g.



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Pet Munchies Chicken Chips Dog Treats 100g

Quality Real Chicken. This premium gourmet treat is made with 100% natural, human grade, chicken breast meat.

Pet Munchies Duck Breast Fillets Dog Treats 80g

Quality Real Duck. This premium gourmet treat is made with 100% natural, human grade, duck breast meat. Naturally low in fat and high in protein.

Pet Munchies Chicken Stix Dog Treats 50g

Made with 100% natural quality Chicken. These premium semi-moist gourmet tasty stix are made with natural ingredients.

Premium, gourmet treats made with high quality, human grade meat and fish

All of our pet treats are natural hand cuts that preserve the flavors of the finest chicken, duck, liver, venison, lamb, ocean white fish and wild salmon.

Delicious, nutritious, wholesome – 100% natural textures and flavors dogs love

Consumers today demand natural, healthy, flavorsome products for their pets and with Pet Munchies, that’s always guaranteed.

High in protein and low in fat and salt varieties

Our products are delicately roasted to perfection to ensure quality and flavor. You will never find artificial colors or flavors in any of our ranges.