Dew Pet Eye Drops 65ml


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  • 100% MINERAL:?Our mineral-based formula is pH balanced, free from alcohol, parabens, scents and dyes. That?s why our Pet Eye Drops are hypoallergenic, non-irritant and they?re vegan friendly too.
  • KIND & GENTLE:?Dew Pet Eye Drops technology is a clinically proven, cleansing antiseptic, making it the perfect solution to use to care for your pets? eyes. It provides soothing, antimicrobial cleansing, in and around the eyes and for minor cuts and abrasions. Use as a daily eye maintenance, to flush irritants and allergens from your pets? eyes, tear-ducts and surrounding area.
  • NO MORE TEARS:?Our Pet Eye Drops no-rinse formula doesn?t irritate, or sting ? it?s not even harmful if licked or inhaled. You can use Dew Pet Eye Drops for all your pets. Our Eye Drops antimicrobial action helps to flush and clean eyes, relieve allergy symptoms, and clean tear stains.
  • EASY TO USE:?Using the Eye dropper applicator, gently place a few drops in the corner of your pet?s eyes, taking care not to squeeze too firmly on the applicator. Use a soft tissue to remove any released debris. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as recommended by your vet. For ongoing maintenance, use once daily or as needed.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT:?Dew Pet Eye Drops is refillable, saving you money and reducing plastic waste and, because it is 100% biodegradable, it is kind to the environment, even better still, our advanced manufacturing facility doesn?t produce any nasty waste by-products when we create Dew products. Dew – the world’s kindest cleaning product.
  • MADE IN UK:?Dew products enhance the power of minerals using science to create safe, reliable yet highly effective, 100% natural and non-toxic cleaning solutions manufactured in Scotland. Dew – the world’s kindest cleaning product.