Dew Pet Wound Care 100ml.


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Spray directly onto affected area ensuring that the wound is thoroughly cleansed and leave to dry naturally, repeat as necessary
to maintain a clean wound. Ideal for daily treatment of skin irritationsand as an itch remedy, our Wound Care is ideal for maintaining all round skin health. It’s suitable for all breeds of dogs, cats, pets, and all other animals from horses to chickens.

1_ 100% MINERAL
Dew Wound Care contains no organic substances, it is 100% Mineral based and formulated to be pH balanced. Completely
safe unlike sprays on the market, Dew’s antiseptic Wound Care spray is non-toxic and free from alcohol and enzymes. It’s also
cruelty free, vegan and family friendly too

The active ingredient in Dew Wound Care is Hypochlorous (HOCl),which is what your Pet’s body produces naturally, in order to fight infection. The active substance in our first aid antiseptic spray is approved for ‘Product Type 3’ applications, which means that it has passed all necessary UK/EU testing for use in veterinary hygiene. Dew is pH balanced, non-toxic, non-stinging and 100% safe if licked or ingested. Our Wound Care spray solution can be used all over your pet including ears, eyes and broken skin

Dew Pet Wound Care is a gentle, fast acting, antibacterial treatment for your pets’ abrasions, irritations and other skin issues, provides the perfect first aid spray for puppies and kittens, to relieve discomfort.
Dew Pet Wound Care contains no preservatives, antibiotics or nasty