DEW Pet Deodoriser 300ml

100% Natural Odour Eliminator & Air Freshener that Neutralises the Cause of Smells | Fragrance Free Dog Deodorant Spray for Smelly Fur, Pet Beds, Cat litter, Carpet & Car


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About this item

  • STOPS SMELL: Dew’s deodoriser actually deactivates the cause of stale & smelly pet odours by destroying the bacteria causing it. Use as pet bed deodoriser, urine eliminator spray, cat spray odour remover, carpet freshener & air freshener
  • FRESH FUR: Fragrance free & safe to spray directly onto all types of fur. Dew’s odour eliminator can be used as a dog deodorant for smelly dogs, no cologne or perfume just the power of nature to keep fur fresh, clean & healthy
  • 100% NATURAL: Mineral based formula & pH balanced. Powered by Hypochlorous technology (HOCL) Dew’s Pet Deodoriser solution is non-toxic & alcohol free. Cruelty-free, Vegan & family friendly. Chemical free & child safe
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL ATOMISER: High quality spray creates a fine mist that maximise the effect of our pet odour eliminator technology, allowing the power of Dew particles to get deep into fur & carpet also acting as a highly effective pet air freshener
  • MADE IN UK: Dew products enhance the power of minerals using science to create safe, reliable yet highly effective, 100% natural & non-toxic cleaning solutions manufactured in Scotland. Dew – the world’s kindest cleaning product