Couch Companion Bolstered Dog Sofa Throw

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Do you have a sofa dog,Enter our no judgement zone.

Whether your dog has full time sofa privileges, or hops up as soon as your gone, the Couch Companion Bolstered Sofa Throw by Snoozer ensures your dog is comfortable and your sofa is covered. Say goodbye to pet hair and drool spots on your sofa. Our Sofa Seat gives a comfy, supportive bed-like cover while protecting your furniture. Snoozer chooses only the best fabrics for your dog and home. The Sofa Seat is made with the same luxury fabrics found in high-end furniture to ensure durability, comfort, and a regal aesthetic.

The Sofa Seat can be placed on standard sofas, oversized chairs, or even on the floor for dogs who prefer a harder surface but want a place to rest their head or paws. Guests coming over. Simply place the Sofa seat on the floor and no one will be the wiser.



  • 3-sided Furniture Protector and Pet Seat Drapes Over Couch or Chairs
  • Protect Furniture from Pet Hair, Dirt, Moisture, and Scratching
  • Extra-long Drape Protects Front of Sofa
  • Supportive Bolsters for Security and a Place to Rest Their Head (Other Than Your Sofas Arm)
  • Hand-sewn in the USA
  • Solid Construction Designed With Dogs Sleeping and Resting Habits in Mind
  • Beautiful Plush Chenille Jacquard Fabric Complements any Room or Taste
  • Simply wipe with water or vacuum to clean
  • One size only

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